Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to a blogging new year!

Hello everybody!

Today is a day of the New Year! The big 2012. Can you believe another year has passed so quickly? Though I have only just started this blog, I can still say the days have gone by fast since I started it.

Do you have any resolutions? Mine are to keep up blogging, prayer more, read the Bible more often, read some of the classics (Pride and Prejudice, ect.), and of course, keep crocheting!

I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas. They have many classics for free and I have already downloaded quite a few of them. Of course I started out reading Pride and Prejudice and I finished reading it this very morning. Crocheting is coming along more slowly. I am currently crocheting on the side to make things for children in Africa.

A fun thing I get to do today is go out with a couple of friends to see the movie War Horse. I can't wait! I recently saw a different Steven Spielburg Film (no idea if I am spelling his name correctly), Tin Tin. Being a fan of the comic books, I was of course excited to see the movie. It did not disapoint. Many reviews of the film said it was fast paced and didn't do a good job of portraying Captain Haddock, and of course they said it didn't stick to the comic book story lines. I personally agree slightly with all of these things because they had some truth to them, but otherwise it was a most wonderful film. You have to be into adventures to fully enjoy the movie, for there are battles and mysteries galore! and even if you're not, I'm sure you still will.  Definately one I will buy when it comes out on DvD.

God Bless and Have a wonderful start to 2012!


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